The 2022 African Concert Series: African Pianism with Rebeca Omordia

25 January 2022, Doors 6pm, start 6.30pm prompt

Location: October Gallery, London WC1N

Rebeca Omordia, piano

Abdelkader Saadoun, percussion BOOK Tickets


Ayo Bankole (Nigeria) – Egun Variations

J.H.Kwabena Nketia (Ghana) – African Pianism: Pedagogical Pieces (selection)

Fred Onovwerosuoke (Ghana/Nigeria) – Five Kaleidoscopes (No 1, 2,3)

David Earl (South Africa) – Scenes from a South African Childhood: Princess Rainbow

Nabil Benabdeljalil (Morocco) – Nocturnes IV, V, VI; En attente du printemps (with percussion)

Akin Euba (Nigeria) – Yoruba Songs Without Words: Ore Meta (with percussion); Mo Ja’we Gbegbe (I pluck the leaf of remembrance; L’ori Oke ati petele (On the hill, on the plain)

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